Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Do This Under Duress

Seeing how as the captain took exception to me recording things in invisible ink, and more exception to my "forgetting" to do anything about it, here's a sample of what I recorded the time the captain thought I should make the log entry:

It's one of those long flights to nowhere in particular - I mean, it is a particular place, I just don't care that much. Most interesting thing lately has been the dinner conversations. Especially the one about how every meal we eat is dinner because it doesn't taste like anything else and we have no idea what time it is anyway.

Anyhow, someone got hold of cake the other night (it was stale - why didn't we eat it earlier? Don't ask me!). The convivial mood led to some strange revelations, such as:

The captain is an ex-pirate who is now fighting pirates because his old crew broke up and pretty much hated him. Grudge much?

The pilot is the only one who can fly the boat we're in. I have no idea who modded this hull, but they did a good job. I estimate the engine/hull could stand continuous maneuver/fire at anything below full emergency levels for at least 7 minutes, which it really shouldn't be able to, looking at it.

Speedy met the captain in a bar. A bar fight, apparently. Surprise. They actually managed to get away with shooting police. Don't ask me how.

Inigo, master scamp, apparently got himself in trouble with some high-and-mighty's girlfriend. Apparently, he got himself out of trouble by being owed gambling debts. Also got himself nice reflexes, cybernetically. Whatever.

The pyromaniac priest pyred people prematurely preventing permanent - ah, damn. Anyway, that's why he's with us, apparently. Considering the lack of religious fervor on board... no, I don't get it either.

Roger is some random Hawkwood. Completely unimportant, unless someone wants to pay me. (I'm kidding, Roger!)

And I, of course, am just a completely innocent Engineer.

The captain wants more cake.

- Diagnostics

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Oi! Diary-thing!

So coming back to Aragon was a pleasant experience. Got checked up by doctor-man-thing (nice being owed instead of owing now and then.) We got to hook up with some nice young ladies and go to a party. That friggen castle is huge. The food was most excellent! I had pineapples and chocolate cookies and roast duck and those little wiener things in buns. Sadly, the party was rather spoiled when I got spotted by you-know-who. He acted rather nastily, but the good captain interceded on my behalf. I was thiiiis close to getting him to punish me!! (Public humiliation is hot) Umm...aaaand then some other stuff happened, and I didn't see it very well because I was hiding but the captain got in a fight with a Decados (yuck!) and Speedie ran around in circles a lot and some girl fell from the ceiling and I got to drink some real punch! They didn't allow smoking in the dining room, I almost died. Precious little happy-sticks, I would be so lonely without you! Anyway, the captain killed that one guy, and then the nutcase in the iron suit killed someone else, but for some reason it was ok and now the brass around here like us a little better, although I'll still be steering clear of Fartface Mckeepsagrudgetoodamnlong for a while yet. Now we're off looking for a missing luxury liner, or something. Oh, and the nice priest fried ALL my bodice-rippers!! Little sanctimonious bastard. Bet he's gay.