Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Personal Letter to:
Melote Benavaati
C/O the Echo Chamber
1472 Plum St.

Dearest Melote,

Again, one of my humble missives makes its way into your lovely hands. I wish I were back on Delphi, so that I could relate my tale of misadventure to you in person, but alas, it cannot be so.
I assume that you have already heard of my report concerning the statue. Not included in the report are several unimportant details, which I thought you might find amusing.
We arrived on Leagueheim on a rainy day. It was beautiful. The world seemed to be in black and white; it had the feel of those peaceful days in St. Anschok when we first met. Even the music was the same; strains of sad yet uplifting saxophone music drifted upon the air.
While the crew of the Morningstar went off to play their usual sport of ‘become highly intoxicated and pick up loose women,’ I stopped for some food. They have wonderful bread at Parotti’s bakery, a little place just off Leagueheim’s main starport. You know how I enjoy a loaf of fresh-baked bread, and just how difficult it is to acquire while between the stars.
It seems that trouble follows the crew of the Morningstar like flies follow the Decados. We were not in the port for more than twenty minutes before we became embroiled in a mystery and conflict involving Avestites, Scravers, and the Supreme Order of Engineers. I won’t bore you with the details in this letter; that was what my report was for.
I will comment on the ‘interesting’ methods that my new friends and I have for solving problems, however. Whether it is the Brother Battle stretching an old rusty key to make it look like a different old rusty key, or myself having a wonderful gunpoint conversation with a priest, we get the job done. Even Inigo, despite being a perverted, bionic little man, is fairly competent at setting ribs, given enough time and perhaps a sledgehammer.
We did succeed in acquiring the statue, which was filled with some kind of miraculous oil, after a brief yet intense four-way standoff inside a casino. Unfortunately, once we had it in our possession, it was taken from us by members of the Imperial Eye. It all worked out, though, so no worries.
I do wonder about the true nature of our Father Tomás, though. One of the parties in our little standoff was a group of Avestite priests. Strangely, they followed Father Tomás’ commands, as if he was some kind of higher authority for them. But this is mere speculation.
And now, I must cease writing and find out what the racket going on down below is. It sounds like Inigo has tried to put something slimy in Brother Abram’s armor again, and is receiving the Pancreator’s justice.

Keeping you always in my heart and mind,
Roger Hawkwood
To Holy Terra; Inquisitorial Synod
From: Confessor Tomas de Santiago, Avestite Order

Have recently been to the planet Madoc investigating reports of alien artifacts and participated in raid on smuggling operation. During the course of the investigation a Charioteer’s Ship and crew were detained due to reports of illegal technology use in their engines. Further investigation found the charges to be false due to apparently faulty reporting on the part of the Eskatonic Order. During a sting operation, the parish Eskatonic Priest is found to be guilty of bribery and it is recommended to the Synod that he be detained and questioned for Republican corruption. The charges against the Charioteer’s were promptly dropped by the regional Bishop at my request. Will report on further corruption by the Eskatonic Order.

To Pyre; Eyes of Fire
From: Pilgrim Tomas de Santiago

The Eyes of Fire see ever further into the darkness, I am pleased to report the conversion of a Charioteer Captain to our Holy Cause and the destruction of a heretical Eskatonic, who corrupts the Holy Church with his golden Republican greed. Now the Republican heresies can be monitored even more closely from within the corrupt Guilds and their movements of forbidden technologies will be known to us.

However, a more pressing concern comes from the planet Madoc. The Charioteer Vessel that is transporting me across the Empire became involved in an anti-smuggling operation. While such things as usually beneath the notice of the Holy Church, it involved the artifacts of a heathen religion based in Madoc. In the details I managed to obtain, it was nothing more than the typical folk story of seven coming saviors of the universe and the usual rabble they speak of. An additional pilgrim should be sent to investigate the heathen religion further but it is not of a high priority for the Pancreator’s Work. If for nothing else, a pilgrim should be sent to oversee that the Eskatonics are not too heavily influenced by such heresy.

Excerpt from the Journal of Confessor Tomas de Santiago, Priest of the Avestite Order

Although it was nothing more than a standard folk prophecy, I am still slightly disturbed by what I have read. I now see why almost all of our Order shuns knowledge and reading as taboo, for its corruption of the mind can be deep. Still, I cannot help to be curious…no, everlasting faith in the Pancreator will see me through not some writings of the twisted reflections of the Pancreator’s glory.