Thursday, May 03, 2007


Pilots Report 5000.19.05.0001 LS [League Standard Time]
10302910.13.98.89076[Grail Era]
The Charioteers Guild will be pleased to note that The CSS Morningstar: is in fine working order. The ship is completely fulfilling her regulated tasks, and is legal in every sense of the term. I might note that being from Grail, I know only one sense of the term "Legal," and I think that that The CSS Morningstar fits that order.
The Cruise liner incident that you have heard of no doubt was a complete success. And NO, there was no living dead, no crazy monsters, no daemons from the Dark Abyss. I personally was not on the liner, but I can still give you a perfect account of truth that the mission was smooth, sleek, and fast, just like my flying. I did not see any strange suede-being fly into open space, nor was any damage received by the ship during the operation.

What has happened on the disputed planet, some have inquired. We borrowed a holy relic, drove it into the open plains, collected money for some large stone structure, got ambushed by a bunch of Rocksiders, fought them off, and took captives. Oh, we did get a little help from some local authorities. Tin Can might have called them in, I don't know, we really had everything under control.

I must also report, with all honesty, that I found a most beautiful, amazing, slightly sloping, perfectly angled, long depth-run-way, AND I TOOK ADVANTAGE OF IT!
True, true, I had an almost-successful flight. The best one I've had in some time. My wings were out-stretched, I felt the wind, the rush, the slow downgrade, the faster downgrade, the feeling of death close to me, AAAHHH, then I rolled to avoid destroying my body gave the Captain his wanted items and walked away triumphantly.

Pilot: Speedy Out