Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Captain's Log 5000.03.05.0000 LS (League Standard Time)
This is the report of the Captain of the CSS Morningstar known as Daedalus Nine-Tails, (Birth name unknown). Reporting as ordered under League bylaw Article IV. Section 15. Item B. Clause iii.

Awoke at 0600, arose at 0700, on bridge by 0800 to run diagnostics on ship conditions...diagnostics wasn't awake, used PA and a blank in my gun to wake him. Diagnostics ran smoothly, right down to the engine room and verified that everything was working fine. I granted him permission to return to bed. The last day of our week long "jaunt" (note to self, time is relative to age of a species, a "jaunt" to Birdbrain is neigh intolerable for a human in the dark between the stars) to Niven began with a rather uneventful breakfast. By uneventful it is simply meant that no live rounds were fired inside the any passengers/crew members. Chores were distributed, some were actually performed.

Another ship was spotted to Port at approximately 1330 hrs, avoided successfully. Stopped in Niven at approximately 1900 hrs to look for additional confrontation support. Mistook main hub for a rest stop and was subsequently disappointed, average rest stops are cleaner. Whole party left ship upon arrival. A combination of Democratic decision making and Despotic rule split the party into two groups; One to go to a higher class bar to procure information, reliable or other, consisting of Roger Hawkwood and Father Tomás; The other party which consisted of myself, Speedy, Inigo, and Stanley, went to the ...less...well...the shithole bar to look for seedier types to hire as our aforementioned confrontation support, and to increase moral of crew(space has a tendency to take a lot out of a man). Captain's note, Roger's lack of fatigue marks him as an extensive traveler, rivaling Speedy or even myself.

[The events that follow concerning Roger were related to me at 2100 hrs by him in his room, and will be related here verbatim or as close as manageable, to his account of the situation] Upon entering the classy bar, he promptly ordered a Martini shaken from a Robotic Bar tender and, after minimal small talk/threats of bodily harm, received info of a "treasure trove" of tech on the nearby planet Madoc from a seemingly aquatic life form.

Father Tomás apparently split from Roger shortly after Roger began relations with {name indecipherable}and went begging to little avail judging from his empty bowl he held near the ship upon our return after the incident at the bar.

The other Party consisting of the abovementioned four, myself included, arrived at the less than satisfactory bar at which several members of my crew proceeded to…I believe the technical term is “get smashed”. Inigo went to gamble so I knew we didn’t have much time. Soon enough, our feathered friend drew the attention of another table. A rather large man, whom I spotted when we walked in and instantly red-flagged, walked over from the other table so I offered him my drink which I had not touched since I ordered it…bad luck when you go into a bar and don’t order a drink. He refused the drink, showing that at least he had the sense not to drink an unidentified liquid from a stranger. I sent Pilot back to Ship under guise of debilitating intoxication, so that we could leave relatively quickly. After an exchange of words I convinced him that my ship’s doctor is playing with some dangerous men, the type he (the big guy) did not like. He did not believe me, but the next thing we knew three rounds had been fired... Inigo did fire them, but that doesn’t mean he drew first. I proceeded to flip the table to create cover for those in my party whom could not get to the bar. The big one leaped at a pair of men flailing his arms sending them flying and pulled a sword, Roger had arrived and Inigo kept firing. It was mostly a blur, I know a man took a couple knives thrown from my engineer. Before long I threw a fire extinguisher toward the enemies and shouted to no one in particular to shoot it. Roger got it with a well placed shot. We looted the bodies and paid for the damage on the tabs of the unconscious men.

Upon return to the ship, we found Father Tomás with his aforementioned empty bowl. I petitioned the big guy to join our party as confrontation support as he had proved rather resourceful in the bar fight. He is also a talented gun smith…or so he would lead us to believe. Father Tomás seems to trust him rather well enough, but I will continue to be suspicious…if not out of caution, at least out of respect. Men that powerful should never be trusted easily. The gorilla had a name…and I’ll remember it soon enough. Over dinner we discussed the purchase of guns from our new friend. Confession followed, and then I extinguished Speedy after his confession…as usual.

Captain of the CSS Morningstar, Daedalus Nine-Tails, logging out.