Monday, July 16, 2007

To: Inquistorial Synod, Holy Terra
From: Inquisitor Tomas de Santiago, Bishop of Shelit
Subject: Shelit Heresy

The Pancreator sends adversity to show how much brighter the Holy Flame burns against the darkness, but it is blinding when compared to the darkness of the Shelit! Although with the completion of the Cathedral, which reflects the light of the Pancreator’s Holy Flame across the dark lands, technophilia is still rampant in the Shelit territories. The Ecclesiastical Courts and my Judicial Vicars are overwhelmed by pending trials. I have shown enough patience to allow the Vicars to conduct the trials and penalties, but the unending flow may require my personal attention. To illustrate the gravity of the situation, the Canons are working tirelessly to generate stacks of execution warrants that merely await a name and my seal.

It is unquestionable that House Shelit’s complacency with the obstinate hearts of their subjects is the root of this issue. For too long they had forsaken their noble duty in protecting their flock from the horrors of the Second Republic. Their existence is a spot of darkness struggling to hold back the Pancreator’s light. But we will endeavor ever forward against them, for what is a shadow against the light of the Holy Flame?

To: Classified , Pyre
From: Pilgrim Tomas de Santiago, Bishop of Shelit
Subject: Activities on Kurga

I am happy to report I have settled in my new See, while my companions have gone their separate ways. The ship that transported me has returned to supply runs while the Brother Battle has become the local Abbot, a most useful ally despite our reservations about the sect. I do sincerely hope his Brothers are more useful than my own Canons.

These Canons are typical Orthodoxy, my Vicars don’t have the stomach to burn out the heretics! I will see about their reassignment and request that brothers from Pyre may be allowed to take their place. Kurga is too valuable a world to leave to the firebird chasing Orthodox. I also recommend more pilgrims be freed up for eventual duty on Kurga, I’ll explain later.

I have seen that the Parish Priests will light the way for the eyes of fire to see ever further on the sacred world of Kurga. They who would not light the way have been assigned missionary duty elsewhere where they will find it hard to focus on worldly problems.

Complaints have been issued to the Inquisitorial Synod on the Shelit issue and I can guarantee they will only get louder. The new converts are overeager, having realized the horror of their Republican life. If there is a place for us to move, it is Kurga. And I have a plan.

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